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In the Mike Gundy era, Oklahoma State has had 16 players selected in the annual NFL Draft. Of this group, five former Cowboys have been selected in the first round -- most recently with Justin Blackmon and Brandon Weeden in the 2012 NFL Draft. A total of 19 former Cowboys have been selected in the first round in the overall history of the Cowboy Football program.


  • Darrent Williams

    2005 - SECOND ROUND

  • Vernand Morency

    2005 - THIRD ROUND

  • Billy Bajema

    2005 - SEVENTH ROUND

  • Charlie Johnson

    2006 - SIXTH ROUND

  • Ryan McBean

    2007 - FOURTH ROUND

  • Corey Hilliard

    2007 - SIXTH ROUND

  • Brandon Pettigrew

    2009 - FIRST ROUND

  • Russell Okung

    2010 - FIRST ROUND

  • Dez Bryant

    2010 - FIRST ROUND

  • Perrish Cox

    2010 - FIFTH ROUND

  • Zac Robinson

    2010 - SEVENTH ROUND

  • Kendall Hunter

    2011 - FOURTH ROUND

  • Justin Blackmon

    2012 - FIRST ROUND

  • Brandon Weeden

    2012 - FIRST ROUND

  • Markelle Martin

    2012 - SIXTH ROUND

  • Joseph Randle

    2013 - FIFTH ROUND

"Coming back for my senior year was a great decision because not only did I get to be part of one of the best teams ever at Oklahoma State, but I also got my degree in business administration and got to enjoy college life for another year.
I'd make the same decision again."

- Russell Okung,
1st Round Draft Pick
Seattle Seahawks - Super Bowl XLVIII Champions


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